REAL IDs coming to Knox in April

Knox Countians will soon be able to apply for Kentucky’s new, secure driver’s licenses.

New licenses available in April

The application process for a new license is estimated to rollout in Knox County between April 22 and April 26, announced the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). The new licenses will make Kentucky compliant with REAL ID by boosting the security of all card production and issuance.

Prepare Now

Knox County Circuit Court Clerk Greg Helton urges everyone to prepare the documentation needed to apply for a new license now.

“Gathering, replacing and updating required documents can spare applicants from repeat trips to Circuit Court Clerk offices,” said Helton. “Now is the time to collect documents like a certified birth certificate or request a social security card that reflects your current legal name.”

Further, Helton encourages soon-to-be applicants to utilize the IDocument Guide, an interactive tool that makes it easy to create a personalized list of documents needed. It can be found on

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