Red Cross to the rescue

Steve Van Cise, a Red Cross volunteer out of Mayfield, Kentucky, gets a hug from a Stinking Creek resident. Van Cise and Gilbert Abney of Greenville, Kentucky (jacketless in the background) spent several days during the freezing cold handing out water and hand sanitizer to the resident who were snowed in. Both Abney and Van Cise are retired postal workers who now dedicate their free time to helping the Red Cross. Abney has been a Red Cross volunteer 2003 and Van Cise has been with the organization since 2009.
Steve Van Cise, a Red Cross volunteer out of Mayfield, Kentucky, gets a hug from a Stinking Creek resident. Van Cise and Gilbert Abney of Greenville, Kentucky (jacketless in the background) spent several days during the freezing cold handing out water and hand sanitizer to the resident who were snowed in. Both Abney and Van Cise are retired postal workers who now dedicate their free time to helping the Red Cross. Abney has been a Red Cross volunteer 2003 and Van Cise has been with the organization since 2009.