Reindeer hunt begins Christmas Day!

The community is about to get its second chance at winning some extra holiday money as Barbourville Tourism is planning to launch its new Reindeer Holiday Hunt on Christmas Day. The difference is, this time there will not only be one winner, but three, thanks to two added sponsors.

As in past hunts, Safehouse LLC will once again offer a $500 prize. This time 2 Amigos Restaurant has added a $250 prize, along with an additional $100 prize sponsored by Carreen’s on the courthouse square. Each reindeer found will have a special attached tag announcing the dollar amount of its award and will also have a phone number to call to claim your prize.

So, when does it all start?

The first clue will be announced sometime Christmas afternoon on Barbourville Tourism’s Facebook page, followed by one more clue each day until all three of the reindeer are found. Each time a reindeer is discovered, Tourism will update its page.

Barbourville Tourism wishes to remind everyone of a few simple rules to the game.

• All items hidden will be within reasonable reach any time of the day or night.

• Nothing will be found on residential property.

• There will be nothing to take apart, no reason to dig, move or remove anything.

•Contest promoters will not respond to individual questions about the hunt.

• Anyone caught vandalizing or destroying public property will be referred to the proper authorities.

“The last thing we want is for anyone to ruin a community hunt by vandalizing or destroying someone’s property,” said Denise Wainscott, Director of Barbourville Tourism. “However, we’re do hope families will be able to get out once again and have lots of fun. We deliberately set the launch for Christmas afternoon so everyone will have plenty of quality family time at home before joining the search. I understand it may be a little wet, but it’s supposed to be warm Christmas Day.”

Wainscott said she and the staff at Barbourville Tourism wish to thank their sponsors for promoting this new hunt.

“Hopefully, we’ll have some winners soon,” said Wainscott. “Happy Hunting!”