Released from Knox County Detention Center

Released from Knox County Detention Center 12/28/17 (Thursday)
Tasha Baynard, Shelia Brock, William N. Collins, Maurice G. Rees Jr., Kenneth A. Rice, Frances Roberts and David L. Washam.

12/29/17 (Friday)
Jeremy T. Brock, Mary E. Brown, Jack J. Engle, Travis Gray, Timothy Miller, Tim R. Smith and Douglas T. Warfield.

12/30/17 (Saturday)
Brittanie I. Akers, Brandon V. Allen, Wayne W. Ewert, Kelly L. Gray, Emily Hurt, Linsay Johnson, Howard M. Mullins, Robert S. Smith and Robert T. Smith.

12/31/17 (Sunday)
John Creighton and Joshua P. Lawson.

1/1/18 (Monday)
Ted R. Davis and Jelene Jackson.

1/2/18 (Tuesday)
Carlos Brewer, Shayne Carl, Woodrow Jones and Chasity J. Roop.