Remembering Father’s Day

Mildred Higgins
Mildred Higgins

Father’s Day is the day for sending cards and gifts to dads, grandpas and all the important men “just like dad” in our world.

This is a time to say thanks for all the support and love they give to the family through the year. The words to tell dad how special he is can be hard to find for some of us.

My granddad and father died many years ago and I miss them to this day…Sometimes we cannot know simple truths until we are adults, and memories of cherished moments rise like the steam from the cup of the first morning coffee. One of the hardest things through my life was watching the aging of my family. I realized much too late after the deaths of my grandparents and parents the great loss of contact with the precious heritage I only now fully appreciate. I cling to the memories of the time spent with each of them.

Take the time to remember those that invest so much in your lives while they are still alive. Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the men in our lives.

“In a quite moment, I can almost hear my grandpa call, “Samantha,” a nickname he gave to me… He always made me feel special when he gave me a hug. I remember his thick black hair and the smell of his aftershave as he prepared for the day. I can still smell the soap he used for washing up at the washstand before meals. Grandpa was a small framed man that looked like a giant to me, with the heart of a lamb.

I remember sitting at the head of the lane, the hot summer sun bearing down on my shoulders. I did not mind the heat of the sun as in a few minutes I would see my grandpa’s old black Chevy coupe turning the curve off old 25E onto the Artemus Road…

We would ride together the few hundred feet to the old home place just off the lane. One could almost set a clock by my summer ritual waiting for a ride with grandpa as he returned home from work. Grandma’s stern voice warning, “Don’t let the screen door slam!” I simply never remembered to enter or leave without slamming the screen door behind me. These many years later as I think back, the slamming of the door was as natural as the wind and rain on a tin roof.

Grandma lectured on the proper way to open and close a screen door as I helped her prepare supper, Grandpa waiting patiently while the radio played in the background.

They always listened to WCTT, a Corbin station for local news, or WNOX a station from Knoxville, Tennessee. I recall those days as a child it was a privileged to eat meals with my grandparents.

Millie’s thoughts for today; “I am grateful for my childhood filled with more love then hurt, and most of my life lessons educated my heart as well as my mind. Many troubles are solved today by remembering the do’s and don’ts, which anchor me to my strong connection with my childhood.”

The best inheritance a parent can give a child is a few minutes of time each day.

Life affords no greater responsibility and no greater privilege the raising the next generation.

Happy Father’s Day!