Remnants of the past

Mildred Higgins
Mildred Higgins

“My life has included sorrow as well as happiness. And all those emotions, all those bittersweet memories, have created what I’d like to think of as a bright, colorful, firmly woven tapestry. Many of the threads of my tapestry are frayed, others are broken. But the tapestry remains intact because of the other threads, as invisible as love, yet as strong as the everlasting arms are woven against the weakened ones, holding the delicate fibers together.”

[Author unknown]

I think of my grandmother Hammons so often and cherish the memories made with her.

She was like many women of her generation, strong and creative, in ways to beat the blahs. I cannot recall her ever going out to purchase a new hat to combat the blahs… “Money does not grow on trees,” were her words and besides, she preferred a sunbonnet. Oh, yes she had a cure for the blahs, CLEANING. “Hang your troubles out to dry,” she would say as she washed loads and loads of bed sheets and stretched white lace curtains to dry. “When was the last time you have seen curtain stretchers?” I’ve told this story before but it is worth repeating, as it is woven into a tapestry of great memories made with Grandma. Take a minute to recall a special memory of your own as I take you back many years to a time that I snuggled in grandma’s feather bed, waking up to the sun peeking through the clean white lace curtains.

As a child it was a special treat to spend the night with Grandma. To sleep in grandma’s freshly cleaned room, and to snuggle in her feather bed is an experience to always be remembered and never to repeat. On those sleep- over occasions I was treated like a princess. Grandma constantly fluffed my pillows and answered my non-ending questions.

I remember grandma collecting fresh rainwater in barrels that sat under the down spots gutters. She said the rainwater was the softest water to wash her finer things in. I felt special when she washed my hair in the water from the rain barrels. Her motto was “cleanliness is next to Godliness,” I can hear her prideful words as she admired her “squeaky” clean windows as she carefully tied each panel of curtains to the side of her windows.

“There is nothing prettier then a clean pair of white lace curtains,” she would say.

Grandma’s windows seemed to smile at everyone that passed going up or down the lane. By today’s standards grandma did much with little. She was a strong woman spiritually and physically, doing work that women of today would find challenging.

My quote for today: (unknown) “Today is but a fragment of forever threads of time tangled around my heart, twine through my mind and tie me to my history.

Mildred Higgins