Road sign rage at fiscal court


Photo By Samantha Mills
Knox County Judge Executive J.M Hall listens to the unwavering account from one family who is not backing down when it comes to their road name.

While winter set in outside, tempers flared warming up December’s fiscal court meeting.
Citizens are calling and challenging the 911 addresses that have been given where they live on Buddy Higgins Road. They are fighting to have it changed. “I don’t care what you name the road, as long as it is not this name!” exclaimed the concerned resident.
Buddy Higgins Road is not a county road, and the process to change the name can take some time.
The motion for a hearing was accepted to have a hearing at the next fiscal court meeting in order to have the name of their road changed.
This hearing is set for January 24 2017, immediately following that day’s regularly scheduled fiscal court meeting.