Rumors of retirement

Barbourville School Board Chairman Shirley Treadway puts the rumors of his retirement to rest.
Barbourville School Board Chairman Shirley Treadway puts the rumors of his retirement to rest.

By Jessica Frisby

For the Mountain Advocate

Barbourville, KY. – Shirley Treadway has put the rumors of retirement to rest. The long-time Barbourville City School Board Chairman still has two years left of his four-year term. Treadway first became a board member in 1961 and was elected chairman in 1967, making him the longest running school board member in history.

During his 53 years on the board he has worked diligently to accomplish so much for Barbourville City Schools, such as fighting hard for grants to build a new gymnasium, which is now named after him.

Fellow board member, Cassandra Lundy, explained what makes Treadway such a great chairman, “He’s done great things for the school in his years. He loves the school. He and his wife have contributed a lot over the years. He’s a good man.”

Superintendent Larry Warren said that Treadway has always personally looked after the school and its students.

He said, “He has been very instrumental in the security of this school system. He’s kept an eye on our facilities and made sure they are always top notch and that we have good people to work out here. He’s always been interested in making sure all of our kids graduate.”

Warren also revealed that before Treadway was first elected to the school board, he served two terms on the Barbourville City Council in the 1950s.

It seems Treadway has a big heart and a desire to serve his community. Fortunately, it isn’t time to say goodbye to him yet. Rumors across town have been spreading that Treadway was to retire in November this year; however, Treadway explained that he isn’t ready to retire and he plans to finish out the rest of his term. He has at least two more years ahead of him to tackle many more projects, as well as set the vision and goals for the Barbourville school district.

Cassandra Lundy described his legacy best when she said, When you hear his name, you think of Barbourville City Schools. He’s been a part of it for as long as I can remember.”