Santa’s reindeer returned

Santa can rest easy knowing all of his reindeer are home safe.

Barbourville Tourism’s Reindeer Hunt, sponsored by Safehouse LLC, 2 Amigos and Carreen’s, went off without a hitch. Beginning on Christmas Day, it took hunters three days to wrangle up the reindeer. All three were found within hours of each other Monday, Dec. 28.

Hannah Price won the biggest bounty when she and her cousin Kaitlin Garrison of Tenn., found Rudolph near Jesse D. Lay school. Price received $500.

Elizabeth Reef and Tori Nottingham received the second largest prize of $250, with the discovery of Prancer on Sycamore Street.

And Krystal Mills was not to be left out. Mills located Vixen, earning her a reward of $100.