Seats, religion and pants – A day in the classroom

Regina Bargo  Tales from the Classroom
Regina Bargo
Tales from the Classroom

Over the years, I have had a problem with students not staying in their seats. They try to run up to me instead of raising their hand. Finally, I had a light bulb experience. I made paper eggs, put their name on them, and then laminated them. I gave each child an egg and told them they had to sit in their seat and keep their egg warm. If they stay in their seat, they get a piece of candy at the end of the day. If they get up without raising their hand, they lose their egg and ultimately their candy. This has turned out to be such a creative learning experience for the students. Today, we secretly watched two female students at tables across from each other. Suzie wanted Reese to draw hearts for her.  Reese motioned for Suzie to come to her table. Suzie whispered, “I can’t get up… I have my egg!” Reese motioned, “Shove your paper to me on the floor!” Suzie tried to shove the paper to the other table, but it didn’t make it that far. When Reese started scooting her chair to retrieve Suzie’s paper, “Ms. Jen said, “Reese you may get up and get the paper.” Problem solved. Good work girls. Your eggs are safe…for now!

You never know when students will use religion on each other. Katie told Carly that her drawing looked like a pineapple. Carly replied, “Jesus doesn’t like it when you say that!” On the flip side, I asked the students if they were a log what they would want people to make out of them. Harley said, “I’d want to be made into a cross because I love Jesus!” 

Tabitha raised her hand and exclaimed, “You know what Mrs. Bargo, when it snowed I dropped my puppy!” I said, “Oh my, is it ok?” She said, “Yes it’s ok. It ain’t done nothing stupid yet!”

In kindergarten, we have a kitchen area for the students to practice life skills. I caught Dustin throwing a piece of plastic food across the room. I said, “Dustin please do not pretend to have a food fight.” He explained, “I’m not fighting with food ! I’m throwing food out to the dog!”

Teachers can be funny too! Holly came up to tell me her brother was taking off his pants and asked me if it was ok. Derrick yelled, “But my Nana said if I get hot I can take them off and I’m burning up!” I said, “Then stop, drop, and roll…But don’t take your pants off!” Lucky for me he had his gym shorts on underneath the pants because I was too late!