Sheriff warns of scammers posing as deputies

Special to The Mountain Advocate

Someone posing as a Knox County Deputy Sheriff has been calling people and asking for money.

The caller identifies himself as Deputy James Marshall and tells the person something like ‘’that they failed to show up for Jury Duty and that he will take care of it if they pay him money.” He further tells them to give him a credit card number and he will add the money from their account to his Re- Charge Card.

These calls are not from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. As a reminder, Sheriff Smith says Law Enforcement will never demand payment by telephone.

There are scams very similar in nature occurring in other areas. The number used by the caller is 606-202-3997 and is a pre-paid cellular number. This number is subject to change and should not be the only number to be suspicious of.

If you are contacted by anyone representing himself as a Knox County Deputy Sheriff and asking for money, immediately hang up and contact the Knox County Sheriff’s Office at 606-546-3181.

Sheriff Smith also cautions everyone to not give out any personnel information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers or other identifying information over the telephone to unknown or suspicious persons.