Deputy’s son arrested

Shelby Johnson inspects his granddaughter's totaled car.
Shelby Johnson inspects his granddaughter’s totaled car. Photo by David Stewart
Devin R. Eubanks
Devin R. Eubanks

By David Stewart

Devin R. Eubanks, son of Sheriff’s Deputy Derek Eubanks, was arrested Sunday, Nov. 23. According to the police report, Kentucky State Police Post 10 Trooper Desmon Brittle received a call about a vehicle collision on Ky Route 6, just outside of the Barbourville floodwall.

The report stated a 2011 Toyota Camry, driven by Whitney Hampton, was forced off the road and down in a ditch, causing her to suffer a broken arm and busted lip.

Hampton stated that she was driving about 60 mph, attempting to get away from Devin Eubanks when he struck her vehicle.

Tpr. Brittle reported Devin Eubanks did not stop at the scene after the collision, and that he had been drinking an alcoholic beverage. Eubanks submitted to a blood alcohol test at the Knox County Hospital. Blood results are pending.

Hampton’s grandfather, Shelby Johnson, said as he looked over his granddaughter’s totaled vehicle, “From looking at the damage to Whitney’s vehicle, it appears to have rolled at least once. It may have rolled twice. I’m glad that all she sustained was a broken left arm and that she will still be with us on Christmas.”

Johnson said Sheriff’s Deputy Drew Wilson was instrumental in finding his granddaughter’s car.

“I imagine Whitney was unconscious at this time,” said Johnson. “A lady sent her son down to the road and showed Wilson where the car went over. He went down the embankment and found the car and Whitney.”

According to her grandfather, Hampton told him the officer “stayed down there with me and kept me talking. He even took his coat off and covered me up because I was cold.”

Hampton was treated and released from the hospital for a broken left arm, bruised ribs and several cuts to her head.

Devin Eubanks has been charged with 1st degree assault, leaving the scene of the accident and failure to render aid, reckless driving and driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Eubanks is under the age of 21.

Eubanks was lodged in the Knox County Detention Center and released on a $100,000 surety bond.