Sherrif’s Department reaches out to Knox County’s youth

Knox County Sheriff’s Department continues to reach out to Knox County’s Children to educate them on the dangers of drug abuse, safety issues such as bullying and to promote a positive feeling of friendliness and trust toward police officers. Sheriff Smith is committed to providing sworn members of his department to partner with parents, school officials and community leaders to help equip Knox County students with the skills necessary to become productive citizens of the community through such presentations.

Deputy Claude Hudson visited the Girdler Elementary School Kindergarten classes of Mrs. Davisson, Mrs. Bargo and Mrs. Lambo. Deputy Hudson talked to the kids about things like not being afraid of police officers, different kinds of duties police officers perform and dialing 911 in emergency situations.

Deputy Tackett Wilson addressed third graded classes of Sheila Bargo, Barbara Bruce, Bailee Gregory and Chasity Sharp and fourth grade classes of Corey Epperson, David Helton and Christina Huddleston at Lynn Camp Elementary School. Deputy Wilson talked to the students about the issues of Bullying, its negative impact on a child’s ability to learn and the emotional impact it has on victims. He also addressed the many problems associated with Substance abuse as well as truancy.