Silhouette shines in Brown Bag Special

Music lovers were treated to the sounds of local band Silhouette Friday. Streamed live from the offices of Barbourville Tourism, the special showcase “Brown Bag Special” returned on February 16.

Silhouette was formed in October 2006, with a focus on songs that band co-founder Vearnie Gray says no one plays anymore. Their eclectic style ranges from 70’s country to today’s pop. Together with co-founder and husband Scott Gray, bass guitarist Jeff Dierken and drummer Judd Weaver, the band stays busy playing gigs across the region.

“We love to create music and entertain our audience,” said Gray. “We strive to be different. The band has a variety of music for everyone in the audience.”

Opening the season for the Brown Bag Special series was a great experience for them. “We were excited to be able to be in our home town giving a performance,” said Gray. “It was an honor to sing for our family, friends and our community. We normally have to go out-of-town to do what we love, so this was very exciting for us.”

The Brown Bag Special is a monthly series hosted at Barbourville Tourism’s office on High Street in downtown Barbourville. The event is live-streamed over Facebook with only a very small audience watching them perform in front of the cameras.

“We want to help the City of Barbourville’s businesses to grow with bringing music back to our hometown,” said Gray. “We have lots of talent right here at home, and we want to help give them a chance to be heard.”

Barbourville Tourism Assistant Director Scot Clouse oversees the Brown Bag Special series and coordinates the event each time. While the series is currently only monthly, Clouse would like to see it build to a show every Friday.

“There is more than enough local talent in this region that I could showcase to keep this show going for many years on a weekly basis,” said Clouse. “The possibilities for this show is endless. I’d like to see it go to radio or even possibly to local television.”

In the spirit of encouraging local talent to participate, Clouse encourages anyone who would like to be considered for the Brown Bag Special to submit a sample of their music by bringing a demo CD to the Tourism office, sending it to the Barbourville Tourism’s Facebook page, or e-mailing to To schedule an appointment to drop by the office, call 606-545-9674. Clouse encourages all genres to submit their samples. “We want to show all kinds of music, from gospel and folk to blues and rock and everything in between,” he said.

The next artist to be featured on the Brown Bag Special will be Jonathan New from Somerset. New’s style of American folk, mixed with country, bluegrass and blues music will be featured Friday, March 23 at 12 p.m. on Barbourville Tourism’s Facebook page.