Single ticket wins Ken-Ducky Derby for Smith family

The most coveted first, second and third-place prize packages from the 2018 Ken-Ducky Derby have been claimed. This year, a stroke of good fortune led to Billy Smith and his family taking home the first-place package.

Valued at $5,000 total, the package consisted of $3,000 cash and $2,000 in merchandise, including tablets, gift cards and local gift certificates. When asked what winning meant to Smith and his family, he said “it meant everything. We were getting ready to go on vacation so it helped pay for that. It was amazing and for a good cause. I was glad to win it.”

The Smith family normally buys several tickets every year but, feeling a little downtrodden this year after not winning in the past, Smith decided he wasn’t going to buy any tickets for the 2018 event. His wife, Edna Annetta, had other plans, though.

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