Slowest derby in the east

Saturday was a really long, but eventful, day for KCEOC employees.

From the time the crew began setting up for lunch at the Barbourville Water Park at 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. when over 1,800 rubber ducks took a dive into the park’s lazy river, the employees worked non-stop. After spending the morning grilling and organizing, the crew handed out over 650 hot dogs and bags of chips to hungry, water-logged patrons. Between the duck sponsorships and sales of KCEOC t-shirts, the workers took in over $9,000. This additional money will be distributed to different programs to purchase additional supplies that are not currently available.

Below is a list of the KenDucky Derby winners:

1. Kevin Moses, Gray, KY

2. Deborah Davenport, Barbourville, KY

3. Robin Mills, Heidrick, KY

4. Mae Sizemore, Manchester, KY

5. Chris Mills, Gray, KY

6. Robert Goforth, Somerset, KY

7. Dan Lambo, Girdler, KY

8. Mindy Smith, Heidrick, KY

9. Tom Mayes, Harrogate, TN

10. Chelsey Humfleet, Baxter, KY

Last Duck:  Peter Kilde, Wilson, WI