Splash pad to reopen Memorial Day weekend

With warmer weather closing in, city officials are working around the clock to get local parks in operation mode. This season, officials say the Thompson Park Splash Pad will reopen Memorial Day weekend, ready to cool down families during the scorching summer months.

The splash pad was closed all of last summer after vandalization caused issues with equipment. Mayor David Thompson, along with the Street Department, worked to replace and repair the damaged pieces, but met a snag with getting documentation approved for one piece that was made by officials here in Barbourville.

“Our problem last year was the State wouldn’t let us open. We had a piece that was damaged so we made a piece that we thought would work but the State wouldn’t permit it. For a month and a half, we called back and forth, emailed back and forth…we couldn’t get anything resolved. Once we were a month and half in, we just quit for the summer,” said Mayor Thompson.

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