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Irma Gall

Lend-A-Hand Center

April fools day. What fun it is for children to pull April fool jokes and tricks on each other and their friends and families. Adults such as teachers and parents are especially good targets because they are usually thinking serious thoughts such as lesson plans or what to have for breakfast. So a clever youngin’ who is thinking up ways to “get” them usually has a fun time. The problem can be multiplied by the number of children in the classroom or family. Many grandparents can be counted upon to react the best.
April Fools Day can often be one big fools day in weather. We just have enjoyed several warm sunny days in a row and are easily lured into the idea this will go on and on. The daffodils are bright yellow on the roadside and hills; there are buds swelling on some trees; the barnyard is bursting with animal babies [they are so cute]; the frogs send up the nightly chorus and, oh yes. spring is here. Then just like that, the north wind howls and spreads its message that it is just an April fools joke on us after all as we pull up our collars and hunt for that warm jacket which we were so eager to toss aside.
We should not be surprised because I, for one, have lived through many April patterns. These days the weather forecasters, especially meteorologists who study weather for years as a science using computers with tables, charts and graphs, are pretty accurate to the time, temperature and even the amount of precipitation in all its different forms. But, oh how we like to enjoy when they miss a call. But just give us several days in a row when we willingly discard our winter clothing and we lose our sense of spring type weather. I call it “lose-clothing time of year”. We start out in the cool mornings with several layers [if we are smart] and by noon we start our stripping. Off comes the outer jacket or sweater to hang on a nearby object such as garden fence post. In several more hours and at a different place off comes another layer to be discarded in some handy spot. Then by late afternoon we often must pause to consider if we can remove yet another layer in a third spot since our work seems to move us around. Then the next morning we wonder just where all those layers are as we need to start out again. Now where did I leave them yesterday?
So even the first of April weather likes to pull fools jokes on us. Even though we know and the weather man reminds us, the sunny warm days can lull us into falling victims to April Fools jokes.