Stinking Creek News

by Irma Gall

Lend-A-Hand Center

An update on Mary Todd Lincoln. We, meaning Mary Todd and I, were at the Red Bud Festival April 17th and 18th at the Lend-A-Hand Center booth. Some of you were there and greeted her and she was ready to greet you. She was not awed or scared by the crowds of people; no, she seemed glad to meet and greet. I have no idea how many arms held her and how many times she was the object of photos.
Parents and grandparents were interested in getting pictures of their grandchildren with her. Sometimes the child was too small to hold her so I would help them by giving the support needed. Sometimes she would look at the person holding her, sometimes look straight into the camera and at other times be looking for her shepherd—me. But it was a different picture with school and college people. They were interested in “selfies” so they wanted to be sure to be in the picture. Even though they found her to be so cute it seemed more important how they looked rather than showing off the kid.
By mid-afternoon on Saturday both Mary Todd and I were tired. She would crawl under my chair to hide and get a quick nap. It had to be a short nap because I was soon awakening her with another request for a picture. Some on Saturday came by especially to hold her because they saw her on Facebook, not once but several times. Neither Mary Todd nor I are acquainted with Facebook so we just wondered and took their word.
When we got home at about seven Saturday evening, I took off the leash and let her run. She ran and danced all around the house. She seemed so glad to be free and I was glad not to have to pick her up. Then I fed her and she wanted to curl up in my lap and sleep and sleep. So I let her sleep in my chair while I ate and put things away from the festival. A little later she was glad to join her two sisters and the triplet half-brothers and the other goats.
She was happy to be home with the others but ready to run to me and through the gate. She does show a bit of hesitation and confusion when I am ready to leave but she does like  being a goat again. OK, I admit I probably have more withdrawal problems than she, but she has more family right there. It was great to share her at the Red Bud Festival.