Stivers addresses joint Chamber luncheon

Senate President Robert Stivers addressed a joint meeting of the Knox and Southern Kentucky chambers Tuesday. Early in his remarks, the senator who also represents Knox County said, “This is the best economy in 30 years that I have seen, …more people are working, and earning higher wages.”  He reported that statewide, “17,000 new jobs and nearly 10 billion dollars of new investment” was created just in the past 18 months, noting this is “a state record.”

Stivers believes changes in Kentucky’s laws during the past two sessions of the legislature have “created the climate” for the growth. Specifically, he credits right to work legislation, changing and/or cutting government regulations, and changing the worker’s compensation system.

The senator also believes legislation reducing the personal income tax rate and the corporate tax rate from 6% down to 5%, will benefit everyone.  “We need to continue to drop personal and corporate rates,” Stivers says,  “and move more toward a consumption based tax,” like other states.  But he did admit the legislature will revisit and
“tweak” the tax rules, particularly in the area of taxes on non-profit groups.

Stivers still is very concerned about one issue in our state.

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