Stroke support group opens to Knox Countians

Have you or a loved one suffered from a stroke and have nowhere to turn? If so, Baptist Health Corbin wants to help.

After working in the health field for over a decade, Dayla Saylor Combs, an RN, BSN with Baptist Health, and a group of her colleagues discovered a lack of support groups for those in the area who have suffered from a stroke. To remedy this issue, they created the Community Stroke Support Group.

“We wanted to start a stroke support group because it’s so devastating to patients and their families,” said Combs. “We’re focusing on coping with strokes and providing education and prevention.”

The group’s main goal is to connect stroke survivors and their caregivers with others who have been impacted by a stroke. The group says this is vital to providing recovery information and allow those affected by stroke to form friendship with others who understand their journey.

Another goal of the group is to help stroke survivors return to as normal of a life as possible. For example, if the stroke survivor managed a farm before their stroke, the group will work to put the person in contact with community members who can help resume daily duties around the farm.

The group currently meets at the Baptist Health Outpatient Rehabilitation Center in Corbin but is open to Knox Countians. Combs says multiple people from Barbourville are currently attending the support group.

The support group meets on the third Monday of each month starting at 5 p.m. Door prizes and snacks are available. Call 606-526-4516 for more information.