Summer Squashing

The early bouts of rain followed by plenty of sunshine has been good for my garden.  I always need to hoe away weeds here and there, but otherwise, she is beautiful. She is filled with cucumbers and early bearings of yellow squash and zucchini. There is something so satisfying about growing your own crops and being able to sustain yourself from the land. With a revival of homesteading on the rise,  the time is now if you want to feel like a real Pioneer woman or at least see how mammaw did it.

Thanks to the lovely weather, I’ve been picking daily, bright yellow beauties and wondering what to do with them. This has been my first successful yield of squash, in the past, I maybe lucky to get a single squash before the July rains rotted my plant at the base. My mother Claudetta Warnock suggested a recipe of doing stuffed squash and my mother in law, Viola Cole, was persistent with a classic squash casserole. This morning she brought me a copy of her recipe that I will share with y’all. It’s great way to use up all those extra squash. If you have a great summer recipe, email

Best Squash Casserole Ever


2lbs yellow squash

1/4 large onion

1 sleeve Ritz crackers

1 cup cheddar cheese

2 eggs

3/4 c. milk

1/2 c. melted butter

Salt and pepper, to taste


First, steam the squash and onion lightly, drain and set aside. In medium bowl, place 1/2 of Ritz crackers and 3/4 cheese. Place the squash and onion in a large bowl and add cheese and cracker mixture to it. Whisk the eggs and milk

together in a small bowl, then pour over the squash mixture. Add 1/2 of melted butter into squash, add salt and pepper and mix well together. In 9×13 pan, spread the squash mixture and top with remaining butter and crackers. In a 400 degree preheated oven, bake for 25 minutes.