Survey results shock this newspaper publisher

Congratulations if you are reading this column with a printed newspaper in your hand.  Believe it or not, you are still in the majority!   

The recent Toluna Survey shows that even today, 61% of readers prefer a printed newspaper a over digital edition. For books and magazines, it’s even higher. 73% feel that reading a printed book or magazine is more enjoyable than reading them on an electronic device. While I am definitely a print guy myself, I was surprised the survey results for print were still so strong. What’s your preference?

If you are 18-24 years old, you probably aren’t surprised that 65% of your age group prefers to read their news digitally. And perhaps not surprisingly, 73% of our digital readers are pulling us up now on their cell phones. But that’s no problem! That’s why we made our newspaper “mobile friendly.” We want to reach all of Knox County, so here at the Advocate we offer you options.

Above all, we deeply appreciate the thousands of you who are still reading the newspaper each week! Over 100 folks from Union College signed up for our digital editions. (Go Bulldogs!) Also, Knox County Public Schools and Barbourville Independent schools both participate in our NIE (Newspapers in Education) program.  It puts both 125 hard copy and 250+ digital subscriptions into our schools each week. (Go, Panthers, Tigers and Wildcats!)

You know they say today a lie can make it around the world before the truth can get out of bed. Please remember that next time you hear someone say, “Newspapers are dead.”  The survey results are in. And the fact is, when you total our print, on-line AND social media readers, your community newspaper, the Mountain Advocate, now reaches more Knox County homes than ever. Political candidates, are you getting this?

The bottom line is, we appreciate all of you! And we think you should be able to read your news however you want. What do you think?