Teen’s ‘Mean Streak’ impressive

A local teen is reaching new heights after building a roller coaster in his grandparent’s back yard.

Sixteen-year-old Logan Moore, son of Kathy Jo Baker and Kevin Moore, began the project back in the summer.

“It was a summer day, I didn’t have nothing to do. I saw some wood and pipes laying around the house and just went at it from there,” said Moore.

After designing and beginning construction on one roller coaster, Moore was not happy with the overall setup so he tore it down and started again. The roller coaster that currently stands in the yard, called ‘Mean Streak’, is his second coaster and is one Moore reports he’s “much more satisfied with.”

‘Mean Streak’ is a fully functional coaster and people, Moore included, have ridden on it. The coaster travels approximately 12 miles per hour and at its highest point, stands approximately eight and a half feet tall. Moore uses a winch system to pull the cart up the hill and then gravity takes care of the rest.

“It took about two full months to do,” continued Moore. “It’s hard work…It’s very time consuming.”

Now a sophomore at Barbourville Independent, Moore said a carpentry class his freshman year inspired him to build.

“This project kind of started with a carpentry class I took freshman year…I really love building and always have,” said Moore, who also expressed interest in engineering.

All of the hard work and time was worth it for Moore, however. He has one thing to say to other teenagers in Knox County:

“I sure didn’t think I could do this so no matter what you think, don’t think you can’t do something when you really can.”