Thank Mom for summer break

Regina Bargo  Tales from the Classroom
Regina Bargo
Tales from the Classroom

Summer is the time for vacations, house cleaning, canning, camps, and Bible Schools. At the heart of all these activities, you will find Mom. I’ll bet most of you have never recognized this truth… even Mom! Who else refuses to pack until every stitch of laundry is put away, even when she had to search every nook and cranny to find enough clothes hangers. Once this task is complete, she carefully selects the perfect clothing for each child and adult in the house and packs them every so neatly. It is she who then collects all the extra hangers on the beds, under the beds, and in chairs in order to meticulously return them to the closet.

Who cleans every room in the house while yelling at the top of her lungs for help… to no avail? Who cans multiple gallons of garden vegetables every summer… just to have them snarled and gagged at in the winter? Who fills out tons of pages for camp, prays for days because she knows her child misses her dearly… only to find out that her child actually had a blast without her? Who is it that challenges and listens to their children say their Bible Verses for Bible school? Who is proud when the child instead quotes from the Guinness Book of World Records at the presentation? Who makes sure their V.B.S. shirt is clean every night of the week and makes them wear it even though their children rant and pout because the shirts aren’t mandatory?

Trust me! If you have had a great summer break, you need to thank your mother or wife. If you can’t wait for school to start, congratulations mom! You did it! You survived summer with flying colors! Now, relax! You have a whole year before the havoc returns… well, summer havoc that is!

Back-to-School shopping is a whole other kind of havoc! For the kids, however, it is awesome! The smell of new crayons, the feel of clean crisp paper, colorful pencils, erasers, and binders are all enticing to say the least. That first day of school is just as exciting. BAM! It is that second day of school that hits them square in the face! The kids are dead tired. Who knew a summer schedule was needed? Mom. The supplies have all been used and are no longer new. They aren’t nearly as fun. The teacher seems way grouchier than the day before… not to mention, they’ve seen enough of their friends! Who gets to hear complaints until Fall Break? Mom.