‘Thanks giving’ to parents

Tim Mills WebTo often in life we allow the “what should be said” to be the “unspoken” in our lives. When I was born medical science had not advanced to the point where the sex of your yet unborn child could be known in advance of their actual birthday. My parents said on the day I was born the doctor assured my parents that I was not on my way so my father decided to go have a pizza and beer while my mother would remain in the hospital for observation. Little did the doctor know he was wrong as I was on my way and my dad would discover himself to be the father to a boy when he returned.

My parents have shared that they didn’t care “what I was” as long as I arrived into the world healthy. I can assure you my parents love me, no doubt, but they certainly got more than they were asking for too…. just as my parents and siblings. They might say they wouldn’t take a millions dollars for me, but I think if someone offered them four or five thousand dollars, in cash, there would be some serious thinking taking place. Parents are those folks that even if you fight, disagree, or never talk, they still love you. I’m sure there are exceptions but parental love is that which is given from the heart and it doesn’t really matter if it is a true blood connection or that which just happens to be because of life’s situations. I remember waking up one day in the hospital asking my mom what day it was, where I was, and didn’t she have to go to work? Her response was “she had been looking forward to retiring and she wasn’t going anywhere until I did,” My father just as committed to caring for me, and being a helpful aid to whatever fatherly duties required. All I know is that it is difficult to find a better love than this.

On this season of my “thanks” “giving” I must salute my parents who have never left my side.

Until then