Thanks to coaches, parents, warm-hearted community members for making this job easier

Hey Readers! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend. Fall sports are now in full swing and I am currently putting together this year’s fall sports preview. The preview takes a lot of work as I have to gather team pictures, action shots, and statements from all of the coaches in Knox County. There’s no way I could have collected all of the pictures and information that I have if it weren’t for the coaches, parents, and other photographers and reporters in the area.

I just want to take this time to thank you all for you cooperation and help. Thank you to the coaches who have responded to my multiple emails and text messages. Thank you to the parents who have taken pictures for me. Thank you to all of the sports writers and photographers who have shared photos and information and also walked up and down the sidelines next to me offering kind words of support and encouragement.

I’ve been at The Advocate for a month now and I’m realizing how friendly and warm-hearted this community is. Thank you Barbourville and all of Knox County for welcoming me in and making me feel at home. I look forward to meeting many more of you at football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball games, golf matches, and cross country meets this fall. Happy Fall y’all!