The Attorney General’s Election Fraud Hotline Report for 10:30 a.m.

The Attorney General’s Election Fraud Hotline, 800-328-VOTE, is open throughout the year during normal business hours and from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. (EST) during today’s general election. As of 10:30 a.m. today, the hotline received 52 calls from 26 counties.

County                Number of Calls              Reason

Adair                            1                           Voter Assistance

Allen                              2                           Election Official

Barren                           2                          Procedural Question

Boone                           1                           Election Official

Bourbon                       1                           Procedural Question

Butler                            1                          Residency

Clark                             1                          Voter Identification

Elliott                            1                          Voting Machine

Fayette                          3                         Procedural Question

                                      1                        Electioneering within 300′ of Polls

                                      1                        Voting Machine

Floyd                            1                          Election Official

                                      1                        Procedural Question

Graves                          1                          Special or Absentee Ballot

Jefferson                    5                            Voting Machine

                                    3                           Procedural Question

                                    2                           Election Official

                                    2                           Electioneering within 300′ of Polls

                                    1                           General Election Fraud/Other

Kenton                       1                              Electioneering within 300′ of Polls

Laurel                         1                              Electioneering within 300′ of Polls

Madison                     1                               Procedural Question

                                   1                              Voter Identification

Magoffin                    3                               Procedural Question

                                  1                               Election Official

Martin                        1                               Voting Machine

Mccracken                 1                               Electioneering within 300′ of Polls

                                   1                             Legal Question

                                   1                             Procedural Question

                                   1                             Voter Identification

Montgomery             1                               Vote Buying/Selling (Bribery)

Oldham                     1                               Election Official

                                  1                              Legal Question

                                  1                               Procedural Question

Perry                         1                                Media or Press Call

Pike                           1                               Electioneering within 300′ of Polls

Woodford                 1                                Procedural Question

                                  1                                                            Residency

Total Calls: 52


The next hotline update is at 3:30 p.m. The Office of the Attorney General, by law, cannot provide details regarding specific complaints or possible pending investigations.

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