The Gift of the written word

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Only A Dad,

By, Edgar Albert Guest{1881-1959}

Only a dad with a tired face, coming home from the daily race, bringing little gold or fame to show how well he played the game; but glad in his heart that his own rejoice to see him come and to hear his voice.

Only a dad with a brood of four, one of ten million men or more prodding along in the daily strife, bearing the whip and the scorn of life, with never a whimper of pain or hate, for the sake of those who at home await.

Only a dad, neither rich nor proud, merely one of the surging crowd, toiling, striving from day to day, facing whatever may come his way, silent whenever the harsh condemn, and bearing it all for love of them.

Only a dad but he gives his all, to smooth the way for his children small, doing with corage stern and grim the deeds that his father did for him.  This is the line that for him I pen: Only a dad, but the best of men.


Below is a special letter from a son to his father this Father’s day..


I didn’t know what to get you for Father’s Day…I was reading an atricle and it said that you

become a real man when you can tell your father thank you for making you the man you are

today, Thank You dad.

Thank you for never missing a game whan I was growing up. It never went unnoticed. It didn’t

matter if I was playing basketball in Benton, or baseball in Michigan, you were there.  I can’t tell

you how much that meant to me, and how much that goes into making me the man I am today.

Thank you for always providing for your family, and putting our needs in front of your own.

Growing up, I never understood how much you had to sacrifice…But I do now.

And I can’t thank you enough for working hard and sacrificing for your family..This part of life

has more of an influence on the man I have become more then any other.

Thank you for supporting me as I have gotten older and into my professional career.  You always

believed in me and that gave me confidence that I can be anything I want.  And with each passing

day I get one step closer.  Thank you for making my dreams a reality…Without you, my life is

not possible.  Lastly, thank you for growing in your life and knowing how to show mom

compassion and understanding these last couple of years.  It has been an amazing journy to

watch, and such an inspriation for me to learn that I always need to grow and evolve in my life.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know you as I’ve become the man that you helped build. And I look so

forward as you become one of my best friends.

I Love You Pop…Have a happy father’s day.. You deserve it.

Your son,


Millies thought for today; It is very important to write our thoughts and feelings.  Words have

power and we have the privilege of preserving them when we write down our thoughts, we give a

gift that can be treasured and opened over and over again.

Thank you Terry for sharing a son’s gift stright from his heart.

Mildred Higgins