The Haunting Tale of Maurice Begare

With Halloween coming soon, we all appear to have the same things on our minds: candy, costumes, and scary stories. The following ghost story is based on a real occurrence.

This is a tale of the wealthy Begare family who traveled to New Orleans during the late 1890’s and stayed at the posh Hotel Monteleone. The Begares had a young three year old son named Maurice. One evening Josephine and Jacque made plans to attend the French Opera House on Bourbon Street and left little Maurice in the care of their trusted nanny, Lucie.

About two hours after the couple left, Lucie noticed that little Maurice had suddenly stopped playing with his little train set and had become quite flushed. When she went to check on him, she noticed that the child was burning up with fever. After rushing him to the bathtub and dousing him in cold water, she noticed his small body was trembling with convulsions. After one last shudder, the child died in Lucie’s arms.

By this time, Josephine and Jacque were traveling home from the opera. When they were almost to the hotel, a loud gunshot spooked the horses causing Jacque to be thrown from the carriage. Upon examination by a local doctor, Jacque was pronounced dead from a broken neck. Poor distraught Josephine accompanied the doctor to his office where his body lay in preparation for burial. Forgetting about everything including her little boy, Josephine sat sobbing beside the body of her dead husband. It was only after someone inquired if she needed a ride back to her home, did she remember leaving her child at the hotel.

Upon entering her hotel room, she discovered her only child lying dead. Lucie tried to explain to Jacqueline what had happened all the while Jacqueline released long wailing moans which shook her entire body. Again a doctor was called to the scene where he pronounced the child dead and administered a morphine sedative to Josephine.

Sometime later on, Josephine was admitted to a mental hospital by relatives since the loss of both her husband and child in one day had driven her totally mad.

In the summer of 2010 at this same hotel, I was relaxing in bed reading while waiting for my sister to return from a meeting. Suddenly, after feeling a chilling breeze blow across the bed, I reached down to pull up the coverlet. At that moment I noticed a small boy who looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Have you seen my parents?”

Startled, I sat up quickly causing the image to waver then vanish. Later when I spoke to hotel employees of this sighting, I was told that a young boy, who was thought to be Maurice Begare often enters the rooms of guests searching for his parents.

To this day, I am convinced that I saw Maurice’s ghost in our room which just happened to be on the fourteenth floor, coincidentally the same floor that the International Society for Paranormal Research has documented to be a swirling pool of paranormal activity.