The mystery of secret petition will soon be revealed

Is Knox County going wet? Seems like back when it was cold and snowing, a group announced they would be circulating a petition to hold a wet\dry vote. The mystery is, will there be a wet/dry election in Knox County or not? Has summer weather warmed up the wet forces to work harder, or have they decided to seek shade and let it slide?

Has anyone even seen such a petition lately? We have heard it exists. But as with the great pumpkin, Bigfoot, and Loch Ness Monster, I have not actually seen it. At least not yet.

Clerk Mike Corey tells me the law allows up to six months to get enough signatures and submit the petition at the courthouse.  If the petition is presented, then certified, we have a vote.

Problem is, the six months begins from the date of the first signature. So, if there still is a petition circulating, when was it first signed?

If it was January – time is up and there will be no vote. Even if it were first signed in March, the deadline is near.

So, either way, before long, we will know the answer to this mystery. Will a petition be presented this month? Will Knox continue to stay Dry? Or will we vote and go Wet like Corbin and Manchester?

What do you think?