The things kids say:

Regina Bargo  Tales from the Classroom
Regina Bargo
Tales from the Classroom

“They call me Candy Pig because I eat candy and I look like a guinea pig”

It’s hard to believe that our children actually get their beliefs and self-perception according to what we teach them at home. Recently, a kindergartener came to his teacher and told her he had fallen on the playground. She quickly checked him over and found that he wasn’t seriously hurt. In order to make him feel secure she said, “I think you’ll be okay. You’re a tough boy! You can go and play now, can’t you?” He whined, “No I haven’t trained for that!” Later that day, the student was bragging to me that his dad trains him to do Ninja Chops with swords!

Sometimes when a teacher calls a student’s name, they don’t answer right away. I found that there is a good explanation for them not responding. One little girl told me, “At home they call me Sparkless! I don’t know why they just do.” A little boy chimed in, “My mom calls me Big Dog!” I asked, “Why does she call you that?” He replied, “Cause I AM a big dog!” “They call me, Aunt Grace at home. You won’t believe why… It’s cause I’m really their aunt,” Grace explained. Suddenly, a little boy decided to be silly and squealed, “They call me Candy Pig because I eat candy and I look like a guinea pig!” A little girl then stated, “My grandpa used to call me Crabby Jo.” I turned and asked a little girl, “What does your new little brother call you?” She shrugged her shoulders and sighed, “Mrs. Bargo! He’s zero… he can’t talk!” I guess to her two months is zero.

Each day I ask the students how many days are in the week and how many months are in the year. I continue to ask how many inches are in a foot. Recently, when I asked the students how much is a dozen, a little girl shouted…. “Twelve Pumpkins!” Ummm… I guess she’s right even if I was thinking twelve eggs!

It’s not yet Halloween, but some of the students are already thinking about Thanksgiving. This morning as I walked around the classroom a little boy complained that he didn’t know how to draw a turkey. His little friend explained, “Oh that’s so easy! I can teach you how to draw one. First, you just gotta draw the bones and then you draw the turkey on the bones!”