The tree comes down

Knox County's Christmas tree comes down. Photo by Bobbie Poynter
Knox County’s Christmas tree comes down.
Photo by Bobbie Poynter

The last of Barbourville’s official Christmas Tree disappeared Monday morning as Knox County Road Department workers Gary Bargo, Jason Engle and Tyler Crawford, tossed the tree’s remnants into a wood chipper. The tree’s branches were systematically sawed off by Steve Smith of Barbourville Utilities and carried off to the shredder with help from Bell Forestry Camp inmates.

“They’re a big help,” said Steve Warren, Solid Waste Coordinator. “They do a lot of good work for the county. We normally get about eight inmates every day who work for us from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. They’ll pick up litter on the side of the county roads, and in summer they will also mow and weed eat county parks. The program’s goal is to help ease the inmates back into the workforce when they get out.”