‘There are serious fans in this part of Kentucky’

March Madness is upon us. I was supposed to be at a church meeting this Sunday afternoon in Middlesboro over the 1:00 through 3:00 time. Oh, my, was I supposed to make a choice between the church meeting and the championship game between our beloved Wildcats and the Volunteers? What to do? Well, when I got to the meeting, I found I was not the only one facing that decision. The decision was made quite easily; watch the first half on a big T V and have our meeting at the half time and skip all the comments by three or four commenters with sketches of other ball games. With the ease of the T V to show reruns, it takes a bit of focus to know what you are watching.

One of our members had on an orange sweatshirt; definitely in the minority. Do we take our Wildcats seriously? To be sure, not all of the fifteen people wanted to watch the game so they sat in an adjoining room and talked without bothering the fans.

It used to be that we could hear the play by play on the radio if we didn’t have it on T V.

But now, we have to have several different stations if we want to watch all the games. Now there is “better” coverage but finding the game even on a radio station let alone the T V is an almost impossible task. I think the dollar sign has something to do with the coverage. Then, too, the games were almost always at eight-o’clock Tuesday and Thursday evening and on Saturday afternoon. Now it seems our games are sandwiched in and around other games from all over the country. And the broadcasters are not always local but it takes several people to cover the game. We miss Cawood Ledford who made the teams and players live to us even down here to us in the hills.

In spite of the difficulties, there are serious fans in this part of Kentucky. I admit I am one of them.