Things that go boom!

Still in shock by how quickly summer arrived, and in some ways feels like its almost over already. I always joke and say summer is gone after July 4th. I attribute that mostly to the fact that by then, most stores will have fall displays out, and even some will go full throttle and pepper the shelves with a little Christmas decor while we are still rocking flip flops and the tie dye shirt we made at vacation bible school. Just seems like too much, too soon. Pump the brakes, please.

We have a family tradition on Independence Day, we grill out with all the fixings, and a big tray of sliced fruit and dip. My husband Nick is the pyromaniac behind our annual firework show. As luck would have it, its usually wet and my husband doesn’t exactly wear proper shoes for the event. A few years back, the weather had not cooperated, but yet at the last minute, stopped raining at dark just in time for the show. We pick most of our fireworks based on names like Thunderstruck, Boom sticks, or Rumble on the Mountain. They sound loud and appealing right?

Anyways, the rain made the grass slick and left a layer of fog, but Nick was not about to postpone the show. I never noticed that he had a pair of slip on flip flops with socks until I seen him hurrying away as he lit a few fireworks. Nick would carefully light each fuse and drop into the canon that would help eject them upward into the night sky. Please note, the warnings are written all over the packaging, things such as shoots flaming balls or emits large amount of sparks. Unfortunately for Nick, as he drops on of those balls into the canon and goes scooting away, it falls to the side and shoots a large flaming ball directly at Nick who slips on wet grass and begins to fall down, but not before a fireball shoots between his legs and right as he fell down erupts into several crackling balls. From a distance, it looks like the firework came from him and he fell down addled. My mother would later argue that the he was Thunderstruck and there was Rumble on the Mountain that night. Yes, we laughed uncontrollably and that was the best firework show I even saw.

This recipe is very simple plus it’s a hit with adults and children if you love s’mores but don’t want to risk it around the fire. If you have a summer treat you would like to share, email

S’more Bites
large marshmallows
microwavable melting chocolate
graham cracker crumbs

In medium bowl, melt chocolate in microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring until smooth consistency in between each interval. Dip large marshmallow halfway into chocolate follow by rolling into graham cracker crumbs and place on parchment paper until set. Store in airtight container.