‘Those really were the good old days you write about’

Several years ago Ruby Holland Lindsay a reader of the Advocate wrote a sweet note during a time I was having difficulty.. Her note simply asked, “Is there anything I can do to help?” Little did she know just how much I needed help? As I read Ruby’s note the words FAITH, FAMILY and FRIENDS flash before my hidden eye.  In that moment while sipping a hot cup of tea, Ruby stirred sweet memories from what she termed “those really were the good old days you write about.”  Ruby was referring to the article entitled “Clotheslines tell stories.”

Ruby writes, “thank you for the article about clotheslines. It brought back memories of when I was first married.  I made fourteen flour sack sheets and pillowcases hand embroidered and edged with crochet lace on some of them. 

When my son John came along, I had three dozen of Birdseye diapers.  I was so proud after washing and boiling the diapers how white they were hanging to dry on the clothesline.

My husband and I lived in my dad’s  sharecropper cabin. I was as happy as if I had good sense and a lot of money! 

With my mother’s help we cleaned, papered the walls, put down new linoleum fixed it up “till it was a regular doll house.” 

Those were the Good Old Days. We never locked a door, and had no window shades only curtains.  We might have used pull down shades, however that was a long time ago my friend, I was sixteen and my husband was nineteen.  That was 69 years ago as I write my arthritic hands are stiff and my brain too, I think. 

Thank you dear “Miss Millie” and Gods Blessings.

Millie’s thoughts for today, Southerners known for their deep roots that can be traced for generations never forget where they come from.  I’ve said many times the wandering spirit does not run through my family’s veins.  My gratitude goes to my mother and especially my grandmother instilling the deep respect I have our mountains history…

My roots run deep in the old paths of my childhood. Remembering those long ago day’s I am reminded  with deep respect and reverence for the simple pleasures I took for granted growing up. 

As I sip my cup of tea it taste sweeter sharing Ruby Holland Lindsey’s memories.

My quote for today: Pauline Scott, reading memories makes a person feel they are back where they grew up.  I can almost feel the dew on my bare feet as I walk with you in the pasture smelling the wildflowers.”

Mildred Higgins