Time to remember your ‘thanksgivings’

Tim Mills Web

It is my favorite time of the year again.  FALL!  I love watching the leaves turn their color.  I even love watching the leaves from from her branches, the cool breeze, witnessing animals preparing for winter, there is just nothing about this time of the year I don’t find great appreciation from.   Fall is also a special time of the year for me in writing this newspaper column too.   It is my annual ‘thanksgiving’ time where I publicly reflect on people who have made a difference in my life.   People whom I have not forgotten from my past, and even new folks that I’ve met on my journey through life.

Positive minded people who can honestly reflect on life, including difficult moments are the folks I enjoy being around the most.  People who from their own experiences share so that others can learn, grow, and become better equipped for the trials ahead while seizing the best possible from life.  These are my favorite kind of people!

The year was 2008 in the month of March.  I was sitting in church, minding my own business, not being very sociable just there to worship God as I was on my own journey seeking God and His will for my life.  My personal relationship with Jesus Christ remains one that I know it is our duty as followers to seek Him especially when we are in discovery mode, looking for answers to trying times and difficult situations.  My seeking goal was to confirm His will in my life, whatever it ended up being and to accept His plan and move forward.  In pursuit of God that is when I heard Scott Bryant share his testimony of God’s working in his life.

I didn’t know him personally, I had seen him around church, he was gifted musically but it was the words he used in his testimony about God loving him, and of how God’s was using him that was my encouragement and has served as a continuing guide even to this very column.  To know that God loves you and has a plan is the beginning of a relationship with God.  To know that His plan continues is a part of discipleship and following His will is the answer for our future as Christians wanting to be used by Him until the end.

My first ‘thanksgiving’ of 2015 is for Scott Bryant and all those who are not ashamed of God’s work in their lives.   Romans 8:28 simply requires us to seek Him for all our answers.

Until then…