Time’s up for Barbourville School’s time capsule

Apparently, we have a time capsule on our campus that is ready to be retrieved, explained Superintendent Larry Warren.

Jane Skidmore is credited with reminding the school of the time capsule that was buried on school grounds in the spring of 1990. The capsule was to honor Barbourville Independent Schools 100th anniversary. The original plan was to unbury the capsule after 25 years.

The question is, continued Warren, should we dig it up or extend the time buried?

The topic was tabled until the next meeting in order to gather more information on the capsule.

Other topics covered at the meeting were:

•The Gear-up program was voted to be continued another year.

•Diane Mills has volunteered to write a grant proposal to fund art lessons for the school from two artists. A draft of the proposal was approved by the school board.

•The board approved the waiver for potential emergency substitute teachers.

•Robin Jones, of the Rainbow Center, updated the board on recent activities, including a blood drive that received 19 pints of blood, seven Union College students volunteering to help with reading, 79 bags were collected for Backpack Snacks, in partnership with Kentucky Harvest.

•22 out of 44 students have signed up for the senior trip. The trip is estimated to cost each student $1,100. A payment process will begin in October.

•The schools audit is expected to be completed by October.