TLC films segment at local eatery

A small slice of Los Angeles came to Barbourville on January 18 when a television crew stopped at The Oven Mitt.  They were here to film footage for The Learning Channel’s (TLC) “Long Lost Family.”

“Long Lost Family” first aired on TLC in 2016. The show “follows the stories of people who have, for one reason or another, experienced long-term separation from members of their family and are seeking to be reunited with them,” according to the TLC website. Hosts Lisa Joyner, who was in Barbourville to film, and Chris Jacobs work with experts and Ancestry to help individuals find and possibly be reconnected with family members, bringing closure after decades of unknowns for those on the show.

While the crew could not release many details about the episode they were working on, producer Jeff Girion with Shed Media, the production company, explained how the crew ended up in Barbourville:

“We are doing research for the show. We actually love to shoot in local spots. We were in LA searching online and we noticed The Oven Mitt and loved the decor and the remodel they did. We thought it would be the perfect spot to shoot one of our scenes.”

Girion joked that their time in southeastern Kentucky has been some of the coldest days they’ve shot in to date.

“We’re super excited to be here. We’re all bundled up in our fleece,” continued Girion.

The Oven Mitt restaurant owner’s Tony and Tonya Liford were simply excited to be presented with the opportunity and to put Barbourville on the map.

“We were contacted by the production crew via email asking if we would be interested…At first, we were skeptical because of all the recent scams and such. We did a little research and found it to be legit. So, we decided it would be great for our little ‘ole town to be part of Hollywood,” said Tony.

A handful of community members also stood in as extras on the set so make sure you tune in during season three and see if you can spot your friends, neighbors and family members on TLC.

The airdate for this episode of “Long Lost Family” has not been announced yet but viewers can expect it to be several months. When the airdate is released, we will update at