Trial now set for 2014 murder case

Patrick Baker
Patrick Baker

Over two years after a man was murdered, one of the men accused in his death received his trial date this week.

Patrick Baker is accused of murdering Donald Mills in May 2014. Baker, along with Christopher Wagner, allegedly told Mills that they were U.S. Marshals in order to gain access to Mills’ home. Once inside, Baker allegedly shot and killed Mills. Baker and Wagner are accused of robbing Mills’ house along with accomplices Elijah Messer, Angela Mills and Stephanie Smith.

At Monday’s pretrial conference, the trial date was set for November 14, 2016. Commonwealth Attorney Jackie Steele and Attorney Randall Jewell, representing Baker, also battled it out over what files and evidence should be included in the case.

Attorney Jewell reiterated during the case that he has not been given access by the Commonwealth Attorney team to many of the files in question.

“How can I object to something I’ve never seen?” responded Attorney Jewell when asked if he had any objections to the presented documents.

Attorney Jewell also called into question the quality of reports and delayed time frame in which the Commonwealth Attorney team has shared valuable evidence and information. Attorney Steele and his team have been allotted fifteen days to get all important documents and data to Attorney Jewell, including updated cellular report maps.

Alleged accomplices Elijah Messer and Angela Mills were also present. The two, along with Stephanie Smith who is currently serving time in federal prison, have until August 2 to enter a plea. Trial date(s) will be set on August 2.