Union to continue tradition of hosting S. Carolina missionaries

Tim Mills
Tim Mills

Nestled in the pioneering adventures of Dr. Thomas Walker, the City of Barbourville-Knox County and Union College each summer is host to the First Baptist Church of Spartanburg and a youth ministry that meets in their city at a place called “The Hanger”.  What began in 1969 as a type of exploratory mission trip to the Appalachian Mountains to search out ministry opportunities has now become a part of their and our history all in its own rights and merits.  During this time of the summer each year our area seems inundated with white vans, Vacation Bible Schools, basketball camps along with our area’s local famous greasy spoons are filled during lunch and dinner time with teenagers and adults all wearing the same color t-shirts with the slogan “Legacy”.         

Rev. Seth Buckley is the Minister of Students leading this group of 200 plus volunteers who will reach over 5,000 children, teenagers and adults through their efforts to share the Good News, that Jesus Christ loves you and me.  This Kentucky Mission Project, as it is known at First Spartanburg, conducts Vacation Bibles Schools in the morning and in the evenings.  This allows for double the opportunity for students to demonstrate their love for Christ and His love for all they come into contact with throughout the week long trip.

The students who have been in your churches, or who you have met or passed at a store or on the highway have worked hard to be a part of this experience.  They go through an interview process, a time of studying and learning evangelism methods, learning songs and motions that will enhance the words and demonstrate the meaning of the song.   This might sound easy in part, but it takes months of preparation, efforts and dedication.   Every person I know who have ever attended either as a volunteer or as a participant here in Kentucky has walked away with a memory or an impression that will never be forgotten in their lifetime.   Thanks First Baptist for coming to Kentucky and Thanks Union College for hosting our great friends from South Carolina.

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