UNITE-ing veterans with the community

The Knox County UNITE Coalition is partnering with the Regional Prevention Center in Pineville to include military veterans and their families in community discussions and spread awareness about the issues they face.

Partnership for Success (PFS) through the RPC is a grant in its third year that works to spread awareness about prescription drug misuse, heroin, suicide and Service Members, Veterans and their Families (SMVF). Most talked about at the May 1 UNITE meeting was what PFS is doing for Knox County’s SMVF.

“They are a subset population of our county, our region and our state. What we have found is they have a lot of specialized needs in these issues, with suicide, with non-medical use of prescription drugs and with heroin,” said Deborah Hampton, prevention specialist. “What we want to do is get them involved in this coalition. We want to know what their issues and concerns are…to help them help us fight this substance abuse issue.”

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