Unite meets, Deputies speak

UNITE meets, Deputies speak
By Samantha Mills

Photo by Samantha Mills
Pictured above is Knox County Sheriff Deputy Buster Liford speaking at the monthly UNITE meeting at Two Amigos in Barbourville for lunch. Liford spoke on his life history and being a victim in the war on drugs. Liford was partnered with Deputy Claude Hudson and both men spoke to the UNITE Coalition about his solution to the drug epidemic in Knox County.

“I’ve walked a mile in their shoes so I can whole heartedly empathize with them. If you have that compassion of seeing and understanding truly where they are and what they are going through in life, then you can truly make a difference in their life with that empathy.” Says Knox County Deputy Sheriff, Buster Liford at Januarys UNITE meeting.
Deputy Claude Hudson and Buster Liford both were guest speakers when the Knox County UNITE Coalition met Tuesday at Two Amigos for lunch. Both Hudson and Liford spoke to the crowded room about their life and work testimony, as well as their opinions on drug addicts and the drug epidemic in Knox County.
“Yes we have an epidemic among us in our county, and I have a solution: the solution is you. ” says Liford.
Deputy Buster Liford says, “When we come together with the heart to care about the people, and we put in place programs such as UNITE, and the rehabs around us, we can get the proper type of help for these individuals because you are absolutely hopeless in a hopeless situation when you are imprisoned addiction. When they see that someone loves them, somebody cares and will go beyond to help them and do what it takes, then they see a little ray of hope and a little reason to get better.”
“When you say we have a ‘War on Drugs’, that’s exactly right. It is not a war on a person doing drugs, because drugs are here to stay. However, we have to teach our young people to stay away from them, give them something else to do. Idle time is the devil’s playground.” Deputy Claude Hudson said.
Deputy Claude Hudson says, “When I arrest someone, I talk to them, I want to find out how they got where they are and if they want to change, if they want help. If they do, when we go to court, I’ll talk to the judge and try my best to get them rehab. I want them to help better themselves.”
“It is worth it. If all the battles, all the fights, all the struggles I’ve been through help just one lost soul, then it’s all been worth it to me.” We need to show that we will help. Let us show them we are willing to go above and beyond for all the families who struggle with addiction. “
Both Liford and Hudson spoke very passionately about their positions in law enforcement and their willingness to help the community. Their enthusiasm for helping people is contagious, let us all learn how to show compassion instead of judge, just as Deputy Liford said.
A few announcements for Knox County Unite:
Fishing tournament applications are available after January 2 2018.
Upward Bound registration and evaluations Friday January 5, 5:00 -7:00 pm; and Saturday, January 6 10 am- noon, at First Baptist Church Family Life Center.