Up in flames



West Knox and Lily firefighters were called to north Ky. 233 Tuesday to battle a house fire.

“It was fully involved when we got there,” said West Knox Fire Chief Darryl Baker of the home at 203 North Ky. 233.

When firefighters were paged to a structure fire about 11:35 a.m.. flames were pouring from the structure on each side.

Baker said firefighters had been called to the residence about one month ago.

“It was an abandoned house,” Baker said. “Nobody had lived there in forever.”

However, neighbors had told firefighters that vagrants had been staying in the house and may have been using it as a site to manufacture methamphetamine.

With those things in mind, Baker said firefighters elected to let the structure burn while protecting a nearby mobile home that was in danger of being damaged by the heat from the fire.

“It did get pretty warm but suffered no damage,” Baker said of the mobile home.

Firefighters were on scene until approximately 1 p.m.

Baker said the cause of the fire remains unknown.

“Someone could have been in there using drugs. Someone could have been inside to get out of the cold and dropped a cigarette,” Baker said. “You could have 100 guesses.”