UPDATE: Sheriff, Judge Executive say emergency calls will be answered

Although the Knox Sheriff’s Department are seeking help with their long-term investigations, officials with the department say emergency 911 calls will be answered.

Chief Deputy Derek Eubanks said emergency calls will still be answered.  “We will have to do it. It is the county’s responsibility,” he said.

Eubanks said the department will seek KSP help in cases that will involve a long-term investigation.

He said rumors that no deputies will be hired when a new sheriff comes in office has prompted some deputies to consider looking for another job.

“I’ve got three deputies job hunting,” he said.  

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Knox Judge-Executive J.M. Hall also stressed that emergency 911 calls will be answered.

In a Thursday afternoon interview, Hall said, “The sheriff says that he has asked the state police if they would help with his lengthy investigation stuff, such as burglary cases,” he said. “They said yes.”

Pickard told Hall that some deputies had heard that their jobs might be in question in the future, and that he may end up short-handed.

“I asked him about the 911 calls, because a lot of people are saying they are not going to answer those calls. He said ‘no, that is not true. We will answer 911 calls,” Hall said, adding that Pickard told him that if the call involved a lengthy investigation, those will likely be turned over to KSP.

Hall said Pickard assured him that he would not leave the people of the county hanging. “He said they will still answer 911 calls,” he said.

“I am the judge-executive, and the 911 dispatch is Knox County’s. I have been assured from the sheriff that he would answer those 911 calls…,” Hall said. “The dispatch will answer 911 calls and the sheriff or state police will respond.”

Hall said he also has been in contact with KSP Post 10 Commander Capt. P.J. Burnett and he confirmed that the sheriff’s department had contacted them about helping with calls and investigations. “