Volunteers needed to help build home

By David Stewart

For the Mountain Advocate

“LIVE-IT Knox County will launch its first project on April 15-17,” Jeremiah Evans, Executive Director, announced. “We will build a small ‘efficiency home’ for an elderly man and his adopted daughter. For the last two years, they have been living in a camper on his son’s property. Unfortunately, the camper leaks horribly and has accumulated black mold, creating a very unsafe living condition. Due to the mold, they (along with seven other people) are currently staying in his son’s home. A glance at his home will tell you that it was not designed to hold nine people.”

Evans added, “John is known for being faithful to his local church. He has one of the most tender servant hearts I have ever come across. He didn’t ask for us to do this, but I know he needs it. We plan make it just big enough to maintain him and his daughter. She can finish up her last year of school, and he can finish out the remainder of his days.

According to Evans, John has recently found out that he has cancer, along with other medical concerns. Because of his age, these are making life and survival more difficult for him.

“We are simply burdened…burdened to take action and do something God-sized for John and his daughter,” Evans declared. “We are going to build this one way or another.  We do need the community to help us. This house build will be the first of many. If you feel moved to volunteer to help us work, let me know and you can become part of our amazing missional opportunity.

The build dates are scheduled from April 15-17. Volunteers need to sign up by April 6.

Readers can contact Jeremiah Evans at (606) 622-1336 or by e-mailing him at pastorjeremiah.cpc@gmail.com.