‘…we are still here doing basically the same old things’

Is it 2019 already? I remember back in 1999 some people were afraid that 2000 might be the end of time or the earth might be due for some kind of drastic change. But here it is nineteen years later and the earth is still here and pretty much like always. We have had our share of storms, floods, earthquakes and even have become aware of climate change, but we are still here doing basically the same old things.

We have had things happen in our personal lives that threaten our feelings of security but we are still living. It might have been cancer that has touched home very closely; or maybe heart problems that came too close for comfort; death in the family―that experience is not a welcomed event either; or we found new friends that can be fun if we don’t have to lose the old ones; and maybe even have to leave our homes for a new community. These are just a few of the disconcerting happenings to us at LAHC and to our neighbors on Stinking Creek.

We find in Psalms that we are not the only ones that faced an uncertain future and came through alright. In Psalms 46 we find people calling out, “God is our refuge and strength, a present help, we will not fear.”

We, too, can call out for strength and wisdom to face the future whatever this year brings forth to each of us. We, too, have God on our side; our coach, our strength, our refuge and our GPS. The future is ours to make the present day worthwhile and good memories to recall. We don’t need to be “lost” as Daniel Boone once said but we might feel a bit “bewildered” at times.

So 2019, here we come, ready to make this a good year for ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our country and our world.