We ‘beat the weather’ this year

Competition is found in lots of areas of life—in school, in families, in sports, etc. One of my favorite expressions is “beating the weather”.  The meteorologists are pretty accurate even predicting to the hour when the next cold front will travel bringing rain. Since a lot of my work is out doors and affected by the weather, I try to time my work to take advantage of the weather or “beat the weather.” I know the weather will do what it wants to do regardless of what I would like so in a way, it usually wins.

However we did beat the weather this weekend with the Daniel Boone Festival. Last week-end festivals did not fare quite so well. The weather man predicted a rainy Friday with the front going on east by Saturday morning except for south eastern Kentucky. How would that affect so much of the activities for the festival? Besides all the vendors hoping to raise money by selling food, there were vendors selling crafts, the contests on the streets, the music groups and dancers, the old-timey tent city, the carnival people and, somewhere out of sight, those putting a float together for the Saturday parade. But we did not get the rain on Friday and on into Saturday.

So those putting together floats did so with one eye on the clouds but toiled on. I should know because I have spent more than fifty years doing just that. Once again with an eye on the clouds, ears on the weather prediction, we selected a covered area to build the Lend-A-Hand, Grow Appalachia and Farmer’s Market float. That worked out great but then we had to move it about twenty miles on Saturday to line up for the 2:00 parade with the hope it wouldn’t rain on our parade. Since we didn’t use lots of fancy paper, but more earthy materials we did not fear the rain quite so much.

We were ready by the time the judges came around and ready to take our place in the parade.

Everything went smoothly except for some anxious moments when children would dart out in our path as we wound around the town. It is not easy to maneuver through the crowded streets especially around the court house with crowds on all sides. Then all the way down north street and suddenly it is all over. Then it is a job getting back to where we started and take the float home to dismantle.

But we did it and we did beat the weather. Or should I say the weather held off. We had a good feeling of accomplishment. And it didn’t hurt to be able to show off our two plaques. One plaque said, “2015 Daniel Boone Parade Award First place” and inscribed on the second, “2015 Daniel Boone Parade Award Overall Winner Presidents’ Choice Award.” It was a good feeling indeed..