What are they trying to hide?

Over 50% of the state budget – our tax dollars – goes to fund education. This year, on top of that, up to 15% of the budget, possibly $3.3 billion, will go to fund teacher and state employee pension plans.

But apparently, some folks in Frankfort don’t think schools, or even cities, should have to be accountable to us for how that money is spent.  Specifically, they don’t want to publish in the newspaper what school districts or city governments do with your money. My question is why?

What are they trying to hide?

Recent surveys show 89% of Kentuckians prefer to have the legal notices posted in the newspaper, not a government agency or school website. Regardless, they put language into the budget last week that allows school districts, and also city governments, to post the information on their own website! Not smart.  Plus, from a security standpoint, once a notice is in print, no one can “hack it” or change it. It’s out there in black and white, for anyone to see. 

But what if you just have a cell phone, and “don’t get the newspaper?”

Any legal notice that is paid for and printed in this newspaper, and most others in Kentucky, is also posted to a centralized website.  Check it out. Just type 3 words– “Kentucky Public Notices” into the search bar on any computer, tablet or smart phone.  Or, use this URL: http://kypublicnotices.newzgroup.com  It’s FREE, and really easy to use!

This is national “Sunshine Week,” a time we celebrate openness and transparency in government. So I ask, do you want public notices to be public, or hidden by a government or school district on their own website?  Call 1-800-372-7181. Let Frankfort know. Just say “keep public notices in the newspaper.” I think reminding lawmakers they work for us is the best way to celebrate Sunshine week. What do you think?