What if ‘I was a turkey at Thanksgiving…’

Regina Bargo  Tales from the Classroom
Regina Bargo
Tales from the Classroom

You know the ritual. Every Holiday, the teacher asks the students to respond to an open ended sentence and write their response on paper. It is what is used to decorate the school walls in the classrooms and hallways. With Thanksgiving approaching, I asked the kindergarteners to answer the following question:

If I was a turkey at thanksgiving….

I would tell my mommy that they are trying to get me and she would get after them!

I would hide next to my oak tree at home. It’s by my fence.

Run back at the hunters and bite them.

I would dress up like a fireman!

I would tell my big bear friend to get them!

I would run in the forest and hide up high in a tree in it’s cubby.

I can’t talk if I was a turkey so I would just climb up in a tree all the way to the tippy top!

I would hide in my birthday cake!

I would climb on top of the house and hide in the chimney.

I would say, “You know I’m never gonna let you eat me, right?”

I would run and tell my mommy and hide under my couch!

I would fly off to a freezing cold mountain!

I would jump in the water and flap my feet like a duck. They would think I was a duck!

I would put hot pepper on myself and burn their tongue off!

I recall a few years ago during this season, I began to show my students examples of things that we should be thankful that we have. I explained, “I am thankful for my family, for my house, for my vehicle, for my church, and I am so thankful for my job at this school because I loved working with children. A little boy was confused, but excited… “He asked, “Teacher? You work at this school?”